RTÉ To Cut Wages

RTÉ are to begin cutting wages at the broadcaster. An agreement was reached by RTÉ and The Union Group, TUG, which will see staff on over €40,000 per year receive a pay cut. The agreement also includes a voluntary redundancy package which will be announced in the coming weeks. Staff allowance, salary protection and sick pay will all come into line with other public service levels, while leave will be standardize across the company.

RTÉ and the RTÉ Trade Union Group concluded their dicussions. The aim is to provide financial stablity to RTÉ. Five proposals have been set out to reduce staffing costs at the broadcaster.

  1. A Voluntary Exit Scheme (Redundancy)
  2. Reductions in Pay
  3. Reductions in Staff Allowances
  4. Reductions in salary protection and sick pay, in line with publc service levels
  5. Standardisation of leave.

RTÉ Director General, Dee Forbes said: “As the RTÉ/TUG Stability Agreement recognises upfront, RTÉ is experiencing ongoing financial difficulties that require immediate measures to ensure our continued viability. I am very conscious that measures that affect the pay and conditions of all staff are difficult, particularly at this time. But they are necessary as part of a series of measures to return RTÉ to a sustainable financial position. I believe the measures are proportionate and fair and crucially, as the Agreement states, they reflect RTÉ’s continued commitment to the principles of protecting employment, content and output.”

The agreement will be voted on by the TUG members and will commence in May 2021 if agreed to, it will be reviewed in May 2022 and RTÉ and the Union hope that all changes will be reversed in April 2023.