New TG4 Idents Launched

TG4 have revealed their new idents for the channel. In all six new idents have been produced for the channel by Red Bee Creative. The idents launched yesterday (1st of February 2021). The six new idents have six different themes. Windy Day (Spite Feamainne), Seaweed (Lá na Scolb), Rain Dance (Ní hé lá na báistí), Leporine (Cúinne an Ghiorria), Glass Blowing (Gloine) and Street Crossing (Léim Sráide). The series of graphics for the channel were produced by Red Bee Creative in collaboration with TG4's inhouse design team. The brand identities are a strong visual identity for TG4 across its platforms and are the visual representation of the channel motto of ‘Súil Eile’.

Red bee created the final idents to which TG4 developed complementary presnetaton graphics and stings.  The six idents "are contemporary interpretations of Ireland’s unique storytelling and landscapes. The concept embraces Irish landscapes whilst injecting a contemporary twist via an unexpected interaction with generated figures that enter the landscape."

TG4’s Creative Director Seán Cathal Ó Coileáin said, “TG4 has evolved from TV centric to a multimedia brand, and that evolution means the idents have to work in the multi-platform, multi-screen environment. The idea is to simplify TG4’s brand interface on all screens and media while retaining the strengths of the previous identity. The result is a spring forward into a contemporary multimedia environment.”

“The TG4 brief was immediately inspiring. A clear understanding of the channel, its audience and the need to engage a wide range of audiences across platforms. They set a challenge to design channel idents that feed back in to their social media. It was such a brilliant experience to take up this challenge, through close collaboration we were guided, trusted and energised to deliver innovative thinking.” Jane Fielder – Head of Design, Red Bee Creative.

“It’s great to see an identity that stays true to the subversive nature of the channel brand: the deconstructed logo and the unusual CGI characters embodying the sense of the ‘unexpected’. It was also such a pleasure to work on a project where both teams’ expectations of the creative work have been consistent right from the very start. The work that is going on air is exactly as pitched, which I think demonstrates a truly united creative vision.” Christopher Godfree – Head of Client Services, Red Bee Creative.