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International TV Day: Irish TV

You'd have to say well done to the people behind Irish TV. They were able to get some kind of channel organised for an Irish audience.... but after that you'd have to ask what audience are they serving. To me the channel is aimed a tiny minority of people who enjoy Country and Western music. The channel's programmes aren't all that strong and the production values are very low. Again for what Irish TV is you'd have to commend them on getting the channel on the air. Irish TV suffers from the same problems that beset City Channel. One of the major problems is to effectively understand the vast criticism that the channel's programming style gets, and to change that perception.

Like City Channel it is far from 24 hours. It's programming consists mainly of repeats of monthly county by county shows, with the odd exception. The channel's line up is dismal. Again its great to see them go for it but with such low audiences and lack of coverage for the channel at home and abroad is purely a quaint idea with little substance.

The channel is currently in examinership with many of it programmes being reduced, but they've blamed the only people they can blame and that's emmm well ehh RTÉ and the cost of going on Saorview. They fail to mention they have yet to appear on the Virgin Media platform but sure its nice to be able to blame RTÉ rather than a competitor who refuses to take your channel.

Irish TV blame 2rn (RTÉ's network company) because they requested that Irish TV provide them with a €3million bond as part of the condition of going on Saorview. This might seem like allot but 2rn are purely asking for an insurance policy, not €3million on top of Saorview carriage costs.

This seem legitimate considering the losses that the company has made over the last 4 years (€8million), and its low income. Irish TV seem to forget that they have to get an audience and that they need to produce quality TV rather than twee Irish Country and Western TV. Not that you can't get an audience with Country and Western but it can't be the only thing you provide.

With all that said you have to commend Irish TV for getting off the ground and they do have good will because of that.