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Social Democrats' Leader Leaves Party

The Social Democrats Leader resigns from party. Stephen Donnelly one of the three leaders of the Social Democrats has left the his position of co-leader of the Social Demcrats a party set up by leading independent TDs before the last general election. Roisin Shortall and Catherine Murphy remain as co-leaders and as of yet the party has no plans to vote in a single leader, but as a third of their TD's leave the party the position may become available.

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Co-founder of the part Donnelly announced on 5 September 2016 that "after a prolonged period" that he was to leave the party. Following the first 20 months of the party. He stated "It is a fact that some partnerships, in every walk of life, simply don’t work no matter how hard all of the parties to that partnership try to make it succeed."

He did continue to say that he did not believe the partnership could have continued under one leader and that was something that neither he nor anyone else in the party wanted.

The remaining leaders, Roisin and Catherine, made a statement saying that the national conference will happen in November and the party will continue and they wished Stephen the best in the future and thanked all the well wishers.