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Irish TV Films

Irish television channels scheduled 784 films for broadcasts in the last 6 months. A total of 128 titles were repeated over that same period. RTÉ One had the lowest number of repeats with just one repeat of the 193 films it scheduled, 3e had the highest number of repeats repeating 53 films over the period, having scheduled 113 altogether. Only 4.8% of all movies scheduled are of Irish origin, while just 2.6% come from outside Hollywood.

In terms of era Irish broadcasters mainly broadcast films made in the last 25 years, with the majority of those films coming from the last 15 years. Just 15.6% of films broadcast are from the 1990s. 23.6% of all films come from the last 5 years just a head of the total number of films produced from 1930 to 1989 at 23.5%.

Zathura: A Space Adventure is the most popular film to air on Irish TV, it was shown 5 times over the course of the last 6 months across both TV3 channels.

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