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Westminister General Election 2015

Results of the UK's general election. The Exit poll will be announced by the BBC at 10pm tonight. We will list all of the elected members of the election as they arrive in.

The exit poll carried out by the BBC suggests the Conservatives will have 316 seats just 10 short of a majority, while their coalition partners will just retain 10 seats. UKIP are unlikely to make major gains suggesting just 2 seats, while it is expected that the SNP could take all but one Scottish seat. No exit poll was carried out in Northern Ireland.

No., Elected, Consistuency, Party

  1. Bridget Phillipson, Houghton & Suderland, Labour 
  2. Julie Elliott, Sunderland, Labour
  3. Sharon Hodgson, Washington & Sunderland, Labour
  4. Justin Tomlinson, Swindon North, Conservative
  5. Chi Onwurah, Newcastle upon Tyne Central, Labour
  6. Jeffery Donaldson, Lagan Valley, DUP
  7. Nick Brown, Newcastle upon Tyne East, Labour
  8. Ian Lucas, Wrexham, Labour
  9. Jane Ellison, Battersea, Conservative
  10. Justine Greening, Putney, Conservative
  11. Sadiq Khan, Tooting, Labour
  12. Pat Doherty, West Tyrone, Sinn Fein
  13. Mark Durkan, Foyle, SDLP
  14. Ian Paisley, North Antrim, DUP
  15. Susan Jones, Clwyd South, Labour
  16. Marcus Jones, Nueaton, Conservative
  17. Jim Shannon, Strangford, DUP
  18. Danny Kinahan, South Antrim, UUP
  19. Sylvia Hermon, North Down, Independent
  20. Mark Williams, Ceredigion, Liberal Democratics
  21. Hywel Williams, Arfon, Plaid Cymru
  22. Nia Rhiannon Griffith, Llanelli, Labour
  23. Angus Mac Neil, Na h-Eileannan an Iar, SNP
  24. David Simpson, Upper Bann, DUP
  25. Sammy Wilson, East Antrim, DUP
  26. Mike Weir, Angus, SNP
  27. Chris Law, Dundee West, SNP
  28. Stewart Hosie, Dundee East, SNP
  29. Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, Ochil and South Perthshire, SNP
  30. Peter Grant, Glenrothes, SNP
  31. John McNally, Falkirk, SNP
  32. Gavin Robinson, Belfast East, DUP