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Local Elections 2014: 23 May 2014

The local elections are to take place on 23th May 2014. The stakes are high for the government as they try to hold their own in a mid-term election. The latest polls show the government parties with 33% support (Fine Gael 25% and Labour 8%). Fianna Fáil have yet to continue with growth of the party since its downfall in the last general election, their support has risen to 25% since that election but it has since plateaued. Sinn Féin have seen continued growth with 21% in the last poll, but that support also seems to be plateauing. The last Local Elections in 2009 saw Fine Gael with 34% support, Labour with 14%, Fianna Fáil with 25% and Sinn Féin with 8% of the vote.

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