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Carlow CaNdidates LE2014

There are 2 electoral areas in Carlow. Carlow will elect 10 members to the County Council, while the remaining 8 members will come from the Muinebeag electoral area.

Electoral Area NP SF FF FG LP AAA DDI
Carlow 10

Walter Lacey

Declan Alcock

John Cassin

Jim Deane

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor

Anne Ahern

John Pender

Fintan Phelan

Fergal Browne

Wayne Fennell

Kathy Walsh

Brian O’Donoghue

Tom O’Neill

Caroline Townsend

Des Hurley

William Patton

Ned Costigan

Saoire O’Brien 

Muinebeag 8 Charlie Murphy Andrew Gladney

Arthur McDonald

PJ Kavanagh

David O’Brien

Denis Foley

Michael Doran

Thomas Kinsella

John Murphy

William Quinn

Jim Townsend

Ken Hickey

Christy McCormack


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