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TV3 Launch their New Season 2014 TO 2015

By in large TV3's new 2014/2015 schedule has been well outline, in many different publications. An hour of Xposé with a new host, Anton Savage moving from Ireland AM, the arrival of a new Irish soap titled Red Rock, new entertainment programmes The Algorithm, Blind Date and Sitting on a Fortune. That there would be new faces and new talent. The gala affair at the Mansion House in Dublin only just confirmed what has large been anticipated. Just don’t mention the final 3 months of some programmes moving to “them over across the border”. In fairness to TV3 their launch is to be admired, for years Ireland has been calling on some new competition. TV3 in the past largely relied on much of the programming it has lost, 2015 means competition in the TV market not just from those we shouldn't mention in this article but also from new and emerging technologies. TV3 are now to fighting to be Number 1 at least that was what we're told by Director of Programmes Jeff Ford. The Mansion House launch was basically a slap on the back for a job well done at TV3 under the pressure of a small but competitive market. Little time was given for past grievances of the channel and perhaps we should leave those grievances aside as we look through the new look TV3.

News and Current Affairs

TV3's hasn't real done anything with their news and current affairs output. The big news that David McWilliams has returned to the channel for a set of interviews and the surprise move to see the return of The People's Debate with Vincent Browne. Documentaries from the News department have replace the Midweek programme. The 12:30 and The 5:30 remain while 3e's FYI is dropped, though with the possibility of a youth debate forum on the channel, expect the wild antics of teens to tabloided around the programme as if it was never done before.


In fairness to TV3 they do get Entertainment right. RTÉ have always been too afraid of what the critics might think. The new Jason Bynre show Snaptastic will possibly be as derided as his past RTÉ shows Anonymous and The Jason Byrne Show. Lucy Kennedy returns to her RTÉ past with a blind date show, which brings back ITV show Blind Date. Meanwhile TV3 have brought back Brian Dowling for Sitting on a Fortune, Amanda Brunker for There's Something about Amanda and Ray Foley for The Algorithm. All of which will sit nicely along their exclusive ITV programmes X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, clear TV3 understand the importance of ITV programming on their schedules.


The major news is that of a new Irish soap the first new Irish soap since Ros Na Run. Red Rock will start in January 2015 and the new cast was announced. New comer Adam Weafer and star of Amber Jane McGrath lead the cast. TV3, BAI and IFB supported film The Gaurentee will also feature in 2014.


TV3 as we all know at this stage have the exclusive rights to England 2015, and TV3 are hedging their bets that Ireland can reach the final, something that would give TV3 their highest ever ratings. This coincides with the launch of TV3 HD. 3E will also have sports in the form of UFC, which is a major coup for the service and will surprise many. While Champions and Europa League remain on the channel until mid-2015, when the rights for those games will need to be renewed.

Daytime TV

Daytime TV on TV3 remains pretty much the same and is the major portion of all TV3 output, with 6 hours of programming Monday to Friday, the only change is the extra half hour of Xposé.

Imports and Film

TV3 are playing up their exclusive ITV drama content in Downton Abbey and Broadchurch. More to follow.

Full List of New Prime Time Shows as announced by TV3 2014/2015

Episodes Mins Hours
The Lie 40 30 20
Gogglebox 12 60 12
Blind Date 8 60 8
Sitting on a Fortune 10 60 10
There's Something about Amanda 4 60 4
Paul Kelly's Master Class 40 30 20
Brain Hacker 6 60 6
Snaptastic 6 60 6
The Algorithm 10 60 10
The Stand Ups 2 60 2
The Lazy Chef 6 30 3
The Gadget Buzz 10 30 5
Home Cook 6 6 30 3
GIBO 8 60 8
GIBO Chrismas 1 60 1
Renovation Nation 4 60 4
Smalltown 6 30 3
Islanders 3 60 3
Donal Macintyre 6 60 6
A TD in my House 4 60 4
Animal A&E 6 30 3
At Home with Country Music 1 60 1
Ireland's Oyster Clan 10 30 5
Paramedics 6 30 3
Ireland's Biggest Robberies 4 60 4
Prison Families 3 60 3
Adoption Stories 6 30 3
Revolution in Colour 2 60 2
Get the Numbers Write 3 60 3
Darndale 3 60 3
The Homeless Shelter 2 60 2
Doctor in the House 6 60 6
The Joy 4 60 4
Fergal Quinn 1 60 1
60 Shades of Grey 2 60 2
David McWilliams 6 60 6
Saving Ray 4 30 2
Ireland - What's Next? 4 60 4
Xpose 50 300 250
Life 38 150 95
Red Rock 40 60 40
Vincent Browne 50 240 200