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UTV Ireland Launch Logo

UTV Ireland are getting ready for their launch on 1 January 2015. They have produced a Green and Yellow version of their standard UTV logo but with word Ireland located just beneath the TV part of the logo. The logo was launched today (19/06/2014) less than six months from their launch. The Logo Launch coincides with a meeting with independent producers and UTV's management. UTV is set to look to commission new Irish programming for the channel outside of News and Current Affairs.

According to Michael Wilson head of UTV the channel will commission programming for Prime Time viewing in particular UTV is interested in "contemporary relevant and entertaining programmes that reflect Ireland and our audiences – and we have a particular interest in lifestyle, factual entertainment and format programming. We will also be working with our commercial team to review proposals for fully sponsored or advertiser-funded programming – subject to approval from our commissioning department."

UTV's commissioning will begin in January 2015.UTV Ireland Logo