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Ms Word: How Do I Print Labels

A simple step by step guide to printing labels in Word 2013. Open word and create a new document.

  1. From the "Ribbon Menu" select "Mailings"
  3. From the "create" section, select "Labels"create new label
  4. The "Envelopes and Labels" window will open, the "Labels" tab is selectedenvelopes and labels window
  5. Type the information you want to appear on each label
  6. Make sure that "Full Page of the Same Label" is selected in the "Print" section
  7. In the "Label" Section make sure the right label is set, to select the right label click on "Options..."
    1. The "Label options" window will appearMS WORD Label Options
    2. MS Word has a list of "Vendors" to choose from, select the vendor that produced your labels
    3. Choose the set of labels under "Product Number"
    4. If the vendor or the product number is not available, click on "New Label..."MS WORD New Label
      1. Enter the details, you may need a ruler to measure margins
      2. Name the new label
      3. Enter width of the top margin (the top of the page to the beginning of the first label)
      4. Enter the width of the side margin (the left hand side to the beginning of the first label)
      5. Enter the Label height and width
      6. Enter the Vertical and Horizontal Pitch
        1. The vertical pitch is got by measuring from the top of the first label to the the top of the second label
        2. The horizontal pitch is got measuring from the left hand side of the first label to the left hand side of the second label
      7. Enter page size from the drop down menu (general A4 but you may have to customise these details also)MS Word: New Label for Just Stationery 6.5x3.9cm
      8. Click OK to return to the "Label Options" window (Note your label name is now set as the label)CustomLableSelectedLabelOptions
  8. Click OK to return to the "Envelope and Labels" window. Envelope and Label completed custom label
  9. Click "New Document" to create a set of Labels in word or Click print to print your labels  LabelsinMSword