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Irish parents assist their children with homework. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has published a report showing that in 2013 over 60% of parents with children in primary school assisted their children with their homework on a daily basis, however this figure falls to just 13% for secondary school students. 4% of primary school students and 28% of secondary school students receive no help with homework. The survey of Parents with children of school going age (3 to 18) was carried out by the CSO in 2013.


The survey also found that nearly 60% of parents were confident providing assistance to their children with homework. In households were the mother has a 3rd level degree this figure is 72% for secondary school children. 93% of parents are helping preschoolers to read and write, while 71% of parent read to this age group on a daily basis.

The survey also showed a gap between children with parents in employment and children with unemployed parents when accessing the internet for homework. 71% of children with a parent in employment use the internet for homework, but this drops for children with unemployed parents to 59%.

87% of parents want their children to go to 3rd level education, however 82% of parents believe that their children will not attend 3rd level.

61% Parents who's first languages are English or Irish felt very confident about assisting their children with homework, this drops to 47% for parents with a foreign language as their native tongue.

13% of parents are involved in parent teacher associations or school councils, with 3% involved in the board of management.