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BBC HD - Press Release

An HD Christmas on the BBC

The BBC has announced that they are to launch 5 new free-to-air channels across all platforms. Five of their existing non-HD terrestrial services are going HD, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News, CBeebies and CBBC. Those channels will also provide their programmes in HD on their on-demand service, the BBC iPlayer. The channels are launching just in time for Christmas. The services launch tomorrow the 10/12/2013.


Tony Hall, BBC Director-General, says: “I am delighted that we’re able to launch our new HD channels in time for Christmas, when families gather together to enjoy some of the best TV from the BBC. This year, people will be able to watch even more of our programmes in brilliant quality.”

50% of UK homes already have access to HD equipment (TVs and STBs), it is expected that by 2019 90% of all homes will have suitable equipment for HD services.

BBC Three and CBBC HD channels on FreeView HD and YouView will use the existing BBC HD Multiplex, which currently has universal coverage of UK homes. BBC News, BBC Four and CBeebies will use new HD capacity, which will extend to cover 70 per cent of UK homes by June 2014 in time for Wimbledon.