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Poorest Take Biggest Hit Since Crash

Social Justice Ireland has published it latest set of statistics on the Irish Economic Crash. Titled "Who Really Took the Hits During Ireland's Bailout?" it shows that the poorest 10% of the Irish population lost 18.4% of disposable income compared to 11.4% among the richest 10% since 2008. The gap between low and middle income people and high income earners has widened significantly. According to Social Justice Ireland the budgets have taken more in percentage terms from the poorest than from the richest in society.


Social Justice Ireland state "Government did have choices in recent years and could have introduced fairer budgets. Instead the choices they did make increased inequality in Ireland. Ireland had to reduce its budget deficit in recent years but research produced by the IMF shows that how Ireland’s Government chose to do this was always likely to produce greater inequality and higher levels of unemployment. Other options were available to Government but they choose to protect the rich at the expense of the rest of us."