SIPTU calls on Youth Training

SIPTU, Ireland's largest union, has called on the government to provide more Youth Training. According to CSO figures for 2012 there were more than 45,000 under 25s not in employment, education or training. The government is due to sign a European agreen which will see €6billion directed towards a Youth Guarantee scheme.


SIPTU fears that the governments plan to provided 20,200 new training scheme places next year for under 25s will not enough to satisfy demand. Patrick King (Vice-President of SIPTU) said yesterday "Our young people are experiencing a crisis which will not only lead to many of them failing to reach their full potential but also threatens the long term viability of our country’s economic recovery".

SIPTU believe that some of the government run job schemes can lead to exploitation of workers. JobsBridge provides 8,500 internships, while the government announced JobsPlus a schemed intended to make it attractive to employers to hire new employees.