Campaign againist Household Tax Continues

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) have upped their protest by saying that they have the government on the run.

CAHWT's Gregor Kerr said today "The LGMA (Local Government Management Agency) were unwilling or unable to give the registration figures for the weekend but at least 1.5 million have still not registered. This can give strength to those weighing up the issue to now consciously join with or maintain their boycott of the tax".

CAHWT say that the political establishment is in a panic as "architects" of the tax, Fianna Fail, call for an extension of the deadline is just "political opportunism".

CAHWT continues its protest making it clear that there can be "no trawl for data" and "no courts". They are of the oppinion that Irish people should stand together and not pay the household charge, which so far has only been paid by 20% of households. They believe that the government cannot implement such a tax with little take up of the self-declaration rule.

CAHWT will up their protest at a national protest rally in the National Stadium in Dublin on 24 March at 1pm.