Labour's Conference Weekend Begins in Galway

Labour party members will attend the annual Labour Party Conference (also know as an Ard Fheis) this weekend. The conference will celebrate Labour's 100th Anniversary (the 66th Annual Conference) and it's first conference while in Government since 1997. Taniste Eamon Gilmore and Labour Party Leader will address delegates at 8:30pm this evening in the Bailey Allen Hall in Áras Na MacLéinn, NUI Galway

The conference will discuss issues that are effecting Ireland and will reflect on the policies pursued by the Government. The government parties consist of Fine Gael and Labour and holds one of the biggest majorities in the history of the State with 109 TD out of a possible 166.

The discussions will also reflect the reasons why Labour joined a coalition government with Fine Gael. Both parties have tried to make it clear that the government is a "National Government" made up of the two largest parties in the Dail rather then a Coalition group.

Protest will take place in Galway today against government cut backs and in particularly the Household charge.