Avian Flu Restrictions Removed in Co. Cork

Last week the department of Agriculture was notified of the death of several pheasants in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. These pheasants were tested for Avian Influenza, it was found that a low pathogenic strain of the virus was present. Today the Department has announced that further test on pheasants linked to the same batch found in Barryroe, West Cork have tested negative for the virus.

This is confirmation that the virus has not spread from the pheasants in Clonakility. The pheasants test in Barryroe had been slaughtered as a precautionary measure. A 1km restriction zone had also been put in place, it has now been removed. This removes the restrictions placed on the movement of poultry, other birds and their product and other animals in the area.

A Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Restriction Zone around Clonakilty has been set up and will remain in place for 21 days after preliminary cleaning and disinfection.

Although the Department will continue as it has done over the recent past to monitor the situation closely until the current restrictions in Clonakilty have been lifted permanently, the immediate cause for concern in relation to Avian Influenza has now eased.