Just Analogue Switched Offuntil DSO, are you ready?

The Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources has announced a special week for the continued awareness campaign of the Digital Switch-over (DSO). DSO will happen on the 24th of October, 2012 when analogue TV signals will be switched off at 10am. Minister Pat Rabbitte, T.D., told reporters that he hopes that this initiative will help those still waiting to change to do so as soon as possible rather then leaving it to the DSO Day.

Many mistakes have been made in the run up to the Digital Switch-over but the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resource are saying that they have sustained a high-profiled advertising campaign fronted by Gay Byrne, a campaign that really never took off and was over shadowed by RTÉ's Saorview Campaign.

During the run up to DSO RTÉ One and Two will display a Bug with the words "X 24 OCTOBER", while TG4 will forsake the Irish "X 24 Deireadh Fómhair" for the easier "x 24/10/2012". TV3 are not carrying any bugs even though this effects their viewers just as much.

Saorview adds just 3 new TV services to the existing 4 Irish Free-to-Air services.