PSNI Outline Approach to Paramilitary Style Attacks

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have outline their approach to paramilitary style attacks. This is a renewed determination from the PSNI to help local communities to remove these attackers and attacks from their streets and to reduce the harm caused in areas.

The PSNI will review all investigative leads, coordinate with Crime Operations and District policing to disrupt those believed to be involved in such activities. They will also use social media platforms such as Facebook to appeal for public assistance.

Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris said; "The impact of these attacks on individuals, families and communities can be severe and yet many turn a blind eye to what is happening in their streets, either through fear, or indifference. Policing has a clear part to play, in reducing the number of these attacks and bringing perpetrators before the courts, but what is also clear to us, is that without the evidence, the victim and witness information, success in detection is limited. But I and my colleagues are determined to use all the policing tools at our disposal to disrupt not only the crime but the criminality. We will use a serious and organized crime policing approach to make a difference."

The instances of such attacks have reduce considerably since 2001 when 302 attacks were reported, in 2011 just 79 such attacks were reported. Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris appealed to people to use the Crimestoppers confidential help line to help reduce these crimes.