Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Consultation

Labour MEP Phil Prendergast is to meet with farmers throughout Munster in a public consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This comes on the publication of a report into the future of the CAP. The reports focused on future direct payments to Farmers, support for rural development, agricultural product provision and CAP financing. This will form the new CAP, which the EU will present to European Farmers.

Phil Prendergast will meet with farmers throughout Munster and will host a number of information sessions on the CAP proposals. This will lead to feedback from farmers, which can then be emended to the legislation.

She concluded by saying "Too often people come to us with proposals for amendments too late in the day, and the horse has already bolted. I would encourage all interested bodies to contact me directly on as early as possible so that we can get the best possible deal secured for our farming families and communities."