TV3's Rush To Be First And Hope To Be Last

A press release from TV3 on the 23rd of April 2012 announced the first Fiscal Compact Referendum televised debate between the leaders of the parties. They had hoped to get each of the leaders from the main political parties into studio. Unfortunately the short notice left them without Enda Kenny or Gerry Adams, both probably had prior arrangements due to the short notice given by the channel.

Now TV3 have announced a second debate, this time its the final debate. We suppose when you can't get the first one you should at least aim for the very last one.

Andrew O'Hanlon, Head of TV News was let down by both party leaders, saying “Having previously declined to take part in last week’s TV3 debate, I am hopeful that both leaders will take the opportunity to address the public and argue their respective sides on this vitally important issue.”

Gerry Adam's and Sinn Féin have said they are interested in debating on the channel. In a statement Sinn Féin campaign director Eoin O’Broin said:

“Gerry Adams is ready and willing to debate the Austerity Treaty with An Taoiseach and we await with interest his response. Sinn Féin will meet with TV3 in the coming days to discuss the format of the proposed debate.”

Fine Gael and the Taoiseach's Office have yet to respond to the invitation.

TV3 hope to have both leaders in their final debate on Tuesday 29th of May 2012 at 9pm, a day before the Broadcasting Moratorium. The First Debate of the Campaign can be seen on the TV3 Player.