Irish continue to Staycation

The Central Statistics Office of Ireland (CSO) has published its vacation statistics showing that Staycationing is still a major part of their vacation/holidaying time. Nearly 11 million trips were made in Ireland while just under 9 million trips were made abroad in 2018.

Just under 11 million domestic trips were made in 2018, increasing by 13% compared to 2017. With an average staycation averaging nearly 3 nights or 28.4 million bed nights.

Of those trips 49% were classified as holidays, and a further 34% of trips were to visit family and friends.

The Irish spent just over €2 billion staying at home for holidays.

8.6 million trips were made abroad, an increase of 5.8%. 60.6 million bed nights were availed of by Irish residents abroad in 2018 or an average stay of 7 nights.

73% were within the European Union, with Irish residents spending 6 nights. On trips to North America the average number of nights was 11.6, while Austrialia, New Zealand and Oceania put up with the Irish for 33nights.

€7.4 billion was spent abroad on holidays, €1billion of that was spent on business trips and just under €1billion visiting family and friends.

Irish residents who stayed in hotel accommodation abroad accounted for almost 22.3 million nights in 2018, while those staying in self-catering/rented house accounted for 13.0 million nights.