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SF's Liadh Ni Riada has congratulated Grace O’Sullivan of the Green Party

Sinn Féin had called for a recount of the ballot boxes in the South Ireland Consistency in the European Elections. Ms Ní Riada conceded following the initial stages of a recount in the Ireland South constituency. Sinn Féin had had a tough election and was hoping to hold on to all four of its current MEPs. Dublin's Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan also lost her seat, Matt McCarthy and Martina Anderson kept there seats, but Anderson's seat will be vacated if and when the UK leaves the EU.

Senator O'Sullivan will vacate her seat in the Seanad after she came 4th in the recount of the Ireland South Constituency.

Deirdre Clune's seat is one of 2 seats that are part of the EU brexit package, the other being Dublin's David Andrews, Fianna Fáil's second MEP.

Fine Geal won 4 seats at the election, and should brexit happen they will increase their representation by 1.

Fianna Fail remain at 1 seat until brexit is complete. Sinn Fein have 2 but Martina Andersen's seat will go on brexit. The Greens took 2 seats, Independents took 3 seats.

4 sitting TD will now vacate there Dail seats, with by-elections required within six months, though the government may call a general election before this.

Dublin Mid-West, Dublin North, Cork North-Central and Wexford will now require a By-elections.

Ms Ní Riada said “I want to warmly congratulate Grace on her election to the European Parliament. I am happy that the democratic process has delivered the clarity we sought given that the initial difference was so tight. I want to sincerely thank Returning Officer Martin A Harvey and his terrific staff for their diligence and hard work. We ran a hard fought campaign and we left everything on the pitch. Unfortunately, we came up short this around. I want to express my undying gratitude to my office staff, my campaign team and every member of Sinn Féin and those who voted for me. I am incredibly proud of my term as an MEP. I always did my very best to deliver for constituents and to defend Ireland’s interests in the European Parliament. Over the past five years, Sinn Féin’s team of MEPs have stood up for equality, social justice and democracy. I am honoured that I was part of those efforts. For now, let me wish those elected for the coming term of the European Parliament all the very best for the work ahead.”