BAI write to Communicorp

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has written to Communicorp following its decision to ban journalists from The Irish Times. Communicorp own 5 radio stations licensed by the Authority. Two national services, Newstalk FM and Today FM; two music-based services operating in Dublin city and county, 98FM and Spin 1038; and, a regional, music-driven service for the south-west, Spin South West. The BAI say they are concerned with the editorial independence of each station.

On October 6th Communicorp confirmed that no Irish Times journalist would be accepted as a contributor on any of its stations. The radio provider stated that this was in relation to Fintan O'Tooles article denouncing Communicorps handling of George Hooks' comments on the victims of rape. The press release has since been removed.

The BAI have now written to communicorp as they are "committed to the facilitation of a mix of voices, opinions and sources of news and current affairs". The BAI say that they beleive that Communicorp may impede "the individual editorial decisions of broadcasters".