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British Visitors To Ireland Down

The numbers of visitors from Britain to Ireland has dropped by 7.5% according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). However overall the number of visitors to Ireland increased by 1.7% to 3.1 million. Europeans took up the vast majority of visitors with 2.2 million vistors from across Europe, while a small majority of those from Europe came from outside Britain with 1.1million visitors. Just under 1million visitors from outside Europe visited the country the vast majority coming from North America.

5.8million Irish people headed off for the summer months an increase of 9.6%.

Overseas Travel

June - August 2017

 Irish Residents' Trips Overseas   Trips to Ireland by Area of Residence
  Trips to Ireland Great Britain Other EuropeNorth America Other Areas
Jun - Aug '152,316,700 2,787,700 1,025,200989,500589,900183,100
Jun - Aug '162,357,600 3,088,000 1,132,5001,096,200667,600191,700
Jun - Aug '172,584,600 3,141,800 1,047,3001,122,200756,500215,700
Jan - Aug '154,795,200 5,834,200 2,357,2002,077,0001,043,100356,800
Jan - Aug '165,030,200 6,552,800 2,673,6002,309,0001,203,600366,600
Jan - Aug '175,469,900 6,714,600 2,483,2002,383,4001,419,400428,600