Over 3 Billion Spent on Telecommunications in last 12 months

ComReg have announced the total amount spend on telecommunications by Irish consumers up to July 2017. Irish consumers spent over 3billion euro on TV, broadband, mobile phones, mobile data, text messaging and voice calls. Both Text Messaging and Voice Calls saw a decrease in use with just 1 hour and 10 minutes of voice calls per month and 28 text messages, however mobile data use was up 75% to 4.1GB per month with the rise of free Voice over IP apps and text services.

Broadband Subscriptions 1.379 million, up 0.4% quarter on quarter and 3.6% yearly.

Fixed and Mobile broadband penetration rate is at 83%.

Over 80% of all fixed broadband speeds were greater than 10Mbps up from 75% last year.

68% of all fixed broadband speeds were greater than 30Mbps, up from 60% in 2016.

The average mobile voice subscriber spent 214 minuteness during the quarter or 1 hour and 11 minutes on the phone and annual decrease of 2.2%, 28 text messages per month down 14.7% and used 4.1GB of date up a massive 73% per year.

45.1% of all mobile subscribers were using 4G networks up from 33% last year.

Prepaid mobile users spend €14.14 per month, while post-paid averaged €42.10 per month.

TV Subscriptions were split between Saorview 41%, Pay TV 61%, 20% with FTA Satellite, 10% access to FreeView and 5% taking up IPTV. 59% of household had a Video Recorder (PVR).

Irish people spent €770,103,394 in the 2 quarter of 2017, up from €763,633,858 in the 1st quarter, up 0.2% from 2016. For the Last 12 months €3.02billion.