Pat Hickey Resigns from IOC

The International Olympic Committee has announced the resignation of executive board member Patrick Hickey. Mr. Hickey was arrested in Brazil in 2016 following a police investigation into ticketing. Mr. Hickey was allowed to return to Ireland following his legal teams advice to the Brizilian courts that he wasn't feeling all that well, Mr. Hickey has since travel outside Ireland, he will not attend proceedings against him as he is still not feeling all that well. On Newstalk he stated he had never received payment from the Olympic Committee of Ireland (OCI), however it was later found that he was paid 60,000 per year and often travel first class when attending Olympic Games.

Pat Hickey was a member of the IOC executive board representing the interests of the National Olympic Committees. This post becomes vacant and will be filled by election during the forthcoming IOC session in Lima.

Mr. Hickey advised the IOC that he felt his arrest had already caused great embarrassment to the Olympic Committee and that to remain on the Executive during his trail would put the IOC reputation at further risk. He also claimed he is innocent and the IOC also pointed out that the presumption of innocence in the case prevails.

Mr. Hickey suspended his functions with the IOC following his arrest in 2016.