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Galway beat Waterford in All Ireland Hurling Final

With just 3 points in it Galway claimed victory over Waterford. The All Ireland Hurling Final saw Galway claimed victory in a 29 year drought on the hurling field. Waterford were left disappoint having failed to secure victory and remain defeated since 1959. The final Score was Galway 0-26 to Watefords 2-17.

In a back and forth match Galway just claim victory over An Deise. The Tribesmen held of defeat at the hands of the Waterford team by just 3 points. Waterford courageously scored 2 goals against Galway, but Galway took the title in point scoring.

Twitter saw the majority of GAA fans supporting the Waterford hurlers as Galway became Dublin for the day. The good support from fans across the Island was no match for the might tribesman, who secured a 3 point victory.