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RTÉ Top 10 Presenters Announced

RTÉ's Ryan Turbrity remains at the top of the top 10 list of best paid RTÉ presenters at the beleaguered pubcaster. He didn't take a cut in 2015, retaining a pay slip of 495,000 euro. Next on the list was Ray D'Arcy nabbed by RTÉ from TodayFM, he is on a reported 400,000 pay check. RTÉ defector and head of Dublin's Nova FM Colm Hayes dropped out of the top ten list as did Richard Crowley, George Lee and Derek Mooney. However it is unknown if the later retained their wages from 2014 as each of the new entrants to the list all earned more than Crowley, Lee and Mooney in 2014. Just 3 women are on the list, Claire Byrne received 200,105 euro, Marian Finucane retained her 295,000 euro per annum, while Miriam O'Callaghan increase her pay check by 18,555 euro. Joe Duffy saw the biggest pay cut by 26,000 euro, but over all the top ten presenters saw their wages increase by 290,636 euro, or an 11% increase from 2014. 2015 saw losses at RTÉ amount to 3million, this year they saw losses of 20million.

2014 2015
Name Pay/€ Name Pay/€ Increase/Decrease
Ryan Tubridy 495,000 Ryan Tubridy 495,000 0
Ray D'Arcy 400,000
Joe Duffy 416,893 Joe Duffy 389,988 -26,905
Miriam O’Callaghan 280,445 Miriam O’Callaghan 299,000 18,555
Marian Finucane 295,000 Marian Finucane 295,000 0
Sean O’Rourke 290,096 Sean O’Rourke 290,113 17
Claire Byrne 201,500
Nicky Byrne 200,583
Bryan Dobson 195,816 Bryan Dobson 195,913 97
Daragh Maloney 188,803
Richard Crowley 174,120
Colm Hayes 169,992
Derek Mooney 168,871
George Lee 179,120
Total 2,665,264 Total 2,955,900 290,636