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Meteor Finally Rebrands to eir

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eir (formally eircom) have announce that they are to at last drop their mobile phone brand Meteor in favour of eir mobile. Meteor was awarded the the 3rd mobile phone licence in 2001 and was launch as a more youth centric market. The company was taken over by eir in 2005, in 2010 eMobile was launch by eir on the Meteor network, in 2013 it announced its 4G plans.

Telecom Eireann launched its first mobile phone service in 1986 under the brand eircell. eircell launched the pre-pay service ready-to-go in 1997 as popularity for the mobile phone grew and with continued competition from Esat Digifone (now 3). In 2001 as Meteor launch eir sold eircell to british telecom company Vodafone, with an agreement not to re-enter the market for a number of years.

In 2005 Meteor's owners Western Wireless International agreed to sell the countries 3rd mobile phone operator to eir. In 2010 eir launch eMobile on the meteor network, which eventual became eir Mobile.

From September, Meteor customers will officially be part of Ireland's largest telecoms provider, eir.

Richard Moat, CEO eir: “This decision reflects the confidence we have in the eir brand. The transition will be seamless, and Meteor customers will continue using their mobiles exactly as before – with the added benefit of a world of possibilities. By focusing on a single mobile brand and reducing the duplication of supporting two brands, we can offer better value and increased innovation."