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Driving Bad Behaviour

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Aviva insurance carried out research in 16 countries to find out how good drivers were when driving. It asked had you ever taken a hand held phone call while driving, sent a text while driving or updated your social media while driving. Ireland came 4th just behind Canada, France, Spain and Britain. British driver where said to be the best behaved while behind the wheel. Just 20% of British respondents admitted to taking a phone call, 13% admitted to sending a text while 7% updated their status on social media.

Irish drivers came 5th in the ranking with nearly half admitting to taking hand held phone calls, while just over a quarter suggested they had send a text message. With 15% updating their status on social media.

The United States and China were bottom of the list in each category with 76% of Chinese drivers admitting to taking a call and 25% of US drivers updating their social media.

In Ireland driving while using a mobile phone can add 3 points to your driving licence, 5 if convicted in a court of law and a fine of €60 if paid in 28 days, €80 if paid later.

The table below outlines the percentage of drivers who admitted to taking a phone call, sending a text and checking their social media while driving across 16 Countries

Country Hand Held Phone Calls Sent a Text Checked/posted on social media
UK 20% 13% 7%
Spain 35% 27% 11%
France 39% 26% 8%
Canada 43% 26% 11%
Ireland 45% 26% 15%
Singapore 46% 47% 23%
Indonesia 51% 53% 29%
Poland 53% 18% 14%
Turkey 53% 34% 22%
Italy 59% 41% 17%
India 60% 43% 41%
USA 63% 34% 22%
China 76% 28% 11%
Global average 48% 31% 17%