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RTÉ to review Gender Pay Gap

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Following from the release by the BBC of their top earner Irish public service broadcaster has come under increase pressure to release their top 10 earners for 2015. The last list was announce in for 2014 in that year. RTÉ will move to release those figure early, while they have also said that a full pay review between male and female employees will take place to insure equal pay. They have also released details of employee pay for 2015, showing an average wage of 57,000 per employee.

Pay Bracket Number of Employees
under €40,000 360
€40,001 to €60,000 847
€60,001 to €80,000 495
€60,001 to €80,000 175
€80,001 to €100,000 175
€100,001 to €150,000 77
€150,001 to €250,000 24
Total 1978
Average Salary €57,564

Top earners in 2014

Name Pay/€ TV Radio
Ryan Tubridy 495,000 The Late Late Show The Ryan Tubridy Show
Joe Duffy 416,893 Liveline Callback Liveline
Marian Finucane 295,000 none The Marian Finucane Show
Sean O’Rourke 290,096 None Today
Miriam O’Callaghan 280,445 Prime Time/Saturday Night with Miriam Sunday With Miriam
Bryan Dobson 195,816 Six One/Leader's Questions/Election Specials None
George Lee 179,031 Agricultural Correspondent Agricultural Correspondent
Richard Crowley 174,120 Prime Time The News at One/This Week
Colm Hayes 169,992 Dirty Old Towns/Operation Transformation The Colm Hayes Show
Derek Mooney 168,871 Winning Streak The Mooney Show