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The Damo And Ivor Movie

RTE's hit comedy series Damo and Ivor are set to make their big screen debut in 2018. Wildcard Distribution, Parallel Films and Blue Ink Films have come together to make this a reality along with funding from the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the BAI

The film is due to start filming this summer. Andy Quirke returns as the well to do Ivor and his not so well to do brother, Damo. The Burke Brothers, Ronan and Rob, will direct. They said: “We are beyond excited to be directing Damo & Ivor The Movie. It is a hilarious script that brings these characters to the big screen in a big way. The fans will not be disappointed, it's gonna be whopper!”

Meanwhile creator Andy Quirke added: “With a fan base as big as this I really feel it will break some records! I can’t wait for the fans to come on this next part of the journey.”

Damo & Ivor centres around the lives to twins separated at birth. One growing up in Inner City Dublin, the other in the leafy suburbs. It originally appeared on YouTube, followed by a segment on RTÉ's Republic of Telly in 2011.

Damo and Ivor are on the search for their long lost brother John Joe. Taking them across Ireland.

The comedy duo have a huge online following and have achieved over 8 million views on YouTube, two hit TV series on RTE Two, four top 10 singles including ‘Everybody’s Drinkin’’ and ‘Big Box Little Box’ and a top 10 album also.

The film is a co-production between Parallel Films and Blue Ink Films and is being produced by Ruth Carter and Andy Quirke with Alan Moloney as executive producer. The film is being supported by the Irish Film Board, RTÉ and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Damo & Ivor The Movie will be released in Irish cinemas in 2018.