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C4 commissions Shane Meadows' brand new 4-part drama The Virtues

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BAFTA nominated Stephen Graham returns to the small screen in Channel 4's newly commissioned Shane Meadows' drama The Virtues.

The new four part drama centres around Joseph (Graham) who must confront his childhood demon of the care system in Ireland, following the loss of everything he hold dear. He soon meets Dinah (Niamh Algar), Dinah is fiery character who also holds a deeply gaurded secret.

Joseph hasn't seen his sister Anna (Helen Behan) since they were separated as children.

An unlikely love story between two lost souls and the exploration between sin and morality.

Shane Meadows says: "The Virtues reunites me with the peerless Stephen Graham, whilst also allowing me the chance to work with a host of supremely gifted actors and some incredible new talent. It takes the biblical, almost apocalyptic levels of revenge witnessed in Dead Man’s Shoes, along with the bittersweet humour from This is England and creates a landscape like nothing else I've ever worked on.”

Beth Willis, Head of Drama at Channel 4, says: “We are so thrilled that the giant of a genius that is Shane Meadows has, with Mark Herbert chosen Channel 4 to be the home of his next extraordinary story, world and unforgettable characters. This tender love story is complex and at times dark - but always shot through with heart and a large dose of humour.”

Written by Shane Meadows and BAFTA-winner Jack Thorne (This is England, ’86, ’88, ’90, National Treasure), The Virtues is directed by Meadows and produced by Mark Herbert (This Is England, ’86, ’88, ’90) and Nickie Sault (This Is England ’86, ’88, ’90). The 4X60’ series was commissioned for Channel 4 by Beth Willis, Head of Drama.

The Warp Films production will shoot on primarily on location in Sheffield, as well as in Liverpool and Belfast. The Virtues is filming now and will air on Channel 4 in 2019.