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20% of all RTÉ ONE programming between 6pm and 11pm (AKA Prime Time) were repeats, according to an FOI from the broadcaster to CCÉ News. RTÉ2\'s for the same period averaged a whopping 45%. In the same year just 12 people complained about repeats on the service according to an RTÉ spokesperson.

Across the 5 hours of television in Prime Time RTÉ2 has on average 2hours and 15mins of repeats.

Over on RTÉ One this falls to 1 hour. However, when you take into consideration that RTÉ broadcast at least 2 hours of news and current affairs during this time period, along with an hour of soap and at least an hour of weekly chat shows, over the course of a 52 week period on average, this 1 hour of new programming sits among just 2 hours of TV, or 50% of programming outside of regular schedules.

RTÉ also advised the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland that it aired What Are You Eating? 5 times in 2016. Meaning just over a months break between each rerun of the series.

This compares to BBC One repeats of 4% in peak hours and 25% on BBC Two. While Channel 4 has 12% of repeats in peak hours.

RTÉ have also released details of the number of information requests (comments/complaints) as outlined in the table below. Of these comments just 12 related to the vast number of repeats on RTÉ in 2016.

Year eMail Phone Post Total Daily Hourly
2015 9167 17082 100 26349 114 16
2014 9569 17869 100 27538 119 17
2013 12403 23207 100 35710 155 22
2012 14782 14172 100 29054 126 18