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Suicide Rate Falls but remains High

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Irish rate of suicide has dropped, just below 400 cases were reported in 2016. Of the 399 reported suicides the vast majority were among men with 318 deaths and 81 women committed suicides in 2016. The rate of suicide was 8.5% down from 9.7% in 2015 and 12.1% of all deaths in 2011. The rate of suicide among men was 13.8% with 3.4% among women.

Boarder counties have the highest number of suicides with 60, the highest number of suicides. In the south of the country Cork has the highest number of suicides for a single county with 58, this compares to Dublin's 49 suicides.

Leicester has the highest number of suicides by province with 177 suicides. Northern Ireland have not announce their suicide numbers in 2016 but in 2015 it was 318 meaning Ulster has the highest number of suicides per year, including Republic of Ireland suicides increases by 38.

Other statics from the CSO says their where births 63,897 and 30,390 deaths in 2016.

There were 22,626 marriages.

The average age of first time mothers was 30 years with the average age of 32 for all mothers. Mothers not in a marriage or a civil partnership were on average 29 years. With 36% of all births occurring outside of marriage or a civil partnership. 33% of mothers were not Irish, with 13% from the EU and 2.3% where from the UK, with 7% from the rest of the world.

9% of Irish mothers have more than 4 children.

Cancers and circulatory diseases account for 30% of all deaths each. 13% are caused by respiratory diseases.

22,626 marriages were recorded with 1,056 being same-sex. Figures for divorce have not yet been released.