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DUP and Conservatives agree Coalition

The DUP and the Conservative party of Great Britain have agreed to what they call a Confidence and Supply Agreement. The Agreement will allow Theresa May's Conservative Party to continue to rule following the loss of her majority at the 2017 general election.

The agreement commits the spending of 2 per cent of GDP on the armed forces, with the extension of the Armed Forces Covenant to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Reserve Force will also be supported.

Both parties will work towards insuring a soft brexit for the Agricultural sector, particularly as a major benefactor to Northern Ireland. This will include retaining cash total funds for farm support until the end of the parliament.

The Conservative Party will continue with their support of the United Kingdom, and insist that Northern Ireland's best interests are in the UK. Both parties will adhere fully to the Belfast Agreement and successors. The British Government will continue to support close co-operation with the Irish Government.

The DUP will seek to form a devolved government.

Both parties agree that funding Northern Ireland is required, while the DUP will have no involvement in the British governments role in Northern Irish political talks.

The agreement was signed by Gavin William (Conservatives) and Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP).

The agreement comes with financial support to Northern Ireland. With around 500 million being spend during the next year.

200million will be spend on infrastructure each year for 2 years, with flexibility to insure the completion of the York Street Interchange.

75million to be spend on high speed internet access each year for two years.

The use of British Embassies to highlight Northern Ireland as a region for Foreign Direct Investment.

Movement of Public service jobs across Britain and Northern Ireland.

Devolution of Corporation Tax to Northern Ireland, with introduction at the Autumn Budget 2017.

20million to target areas of severe deprivation that over the next five years.

50million to health and education for 2 years and 10 million for 5 years on Mental Health support.