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London Fire

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Social Media is decrying the reporting of fatalities following the fire at Grenfell Tower last Wednesday. BBC news and other news-agencies are reporting the official death toll at 79 but those who either lived in the tower or had family in the tower are saying that the figure could reach over 200 fatalities.

Across social media locals are calling for numbers to be released. Many have spoken first hand to Fire Fighters working at the inferno. They have said that the reported 79 deaths could increase 3 fold and some are reporting numbers upward of 400 fatalities.

Residence at the tower, families and friends are angry at the reporting of the official figure. They are calling on the council and the British government to release new figures and to give some comfort to the local community who continue to fell let down by Westminster and their local councils.

The fire broke out on Wednesday (14/6/2017) and quickly spread across the entire building, with some eyewitnesses saying it took just 20 minutes. The local community had continuously campaigned for better fire safety at the building, but were continually ignored by officials. The cladding of the building has also been called into question. The cladding had been ban in both the US and Germany, and fire resistant cladding would only have cost an extra 6000 to install.

The British PM has come under fire. Following the fall out of 2 terrorist attacks and her loss of her majority in the house of commons in the General Election in May.

The tower was home to mainly working class immigrants with 600 people living in the tower, in one of the richest areas of London City.