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The X Files

Classic 1990s Horror and Science Fiction Thriller Returns to our screens tonight. The series returns to RTÉ2 for its latest installment. As a recap, if you did already know, FBI Agents Mulder and Scully are given the task of investigating supernatural phenomena, these are strange unsolved mysteries that have been placed in the X filing cabinet. Muller wants to be a true believer, while Scully is more skeptical of their investigations, and over the course of 10 years both were abducted by Aliens, had sinister government official try to shut them down and even had time to satirist Scientology. And now on the X-Files.

The first two episodes of the new series are disappointing and can only let one to conclude that the producers want to bring back a full 22 part series. This is disappointing as the series could have focused on the natural conspires arc of the original series.

The first episode sets up the Characters and explains what the X Files are, it introduces two new characters to the series and by the end of the episode, one might be dead (she could have been abducted), while the other character has disappear from sight. And Muller and Scully are back on The X-Files along with FBI Agent Skinner.

The second episode is the classic monster of the week episode which is unfortunate, because while it slight retains the arc being pitch in the first episode it completely distracts from the new conspiracy theory outline in Episode 1. The second episode revolves around the testing of babies taken from their mothers. The link in this episode the the previous one being that the doctor involved maybe mixing Alien DNA with the new born babies DNA and the research happens to be funded by the Department of Defense.

The lead characters seem much more stilted than the original series. The humour is missing, while allowed Mulder and Scully play off one another (in fairness over the course of 22 episodes per season that human connection wasn't always there).