Finding Joy\'s Audience

Wed 19 Feb 2020 10:57:06

CCÉ news image

RTÉ\'s comedy vehicle for Amy Huberman had an average audience of 295,000 viewers over the course of its run according to an Freedom of Information (FoI) request seen by CCÉ. The series started of with 427,000 viewers and saw it fall to 212,000 by episode 5. The six part series also saw an average of 16,500 viewers on RTÉ ONE +1, with repeats the same week getting 108,000 viewers (7,500 on +1). The series was repeated a year later getting an average of just 26,000 viewers on RTÉ2, with the +1 getting 2,000 viewer on average across the six episode. The Second series of Finding Joy is due to air on RTÉ ONE later this year.





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