the sunday business postRTÉ Maximum Secrecy
Monday February 01, 2021

In June of 2020 The Sunday Business Post ran a story outlining RTÉ's offer to take a 49% stake of Maximum Media, the ailing publisher behind online news sites and In December following a failed Freedom of Information request to RTÉ on this deal The Sunday Time ran a story outline it reasoning as to why such documents should be released. RTÉ have also refused to say that such document exist as it could potentially undermined them in future business deals.

the sunday business postFianna Fáil Continue with Poll Blues
Sunday October 25, 2020

Fine Gael continue to ride high in the political opinion polls, while their partners in government Fianna Fáil remain on their lowest ever poll results. This is according to the latest opinion poll carried out by Red C for The Sunday Business Post. Fine Gael are at 37% while, the main opposition party Sinn Féin is in second place with 27%. Coalition partners Fianna Fail have an 11% share of the vote and The Green Party continue to poll around 6%, with all other parties polling below 4%.

the sunday business postFG and SF continued success in Opinion Polls
Sunday September 13, 2020

The Fine Gael party continues to do well in opinion polls, the latest poll carried out by Red C for The Sunday Business Post, shows the party at 35%, while Fianna Fáil continue to loss voters with just 10% of the vote. The main opposition party, Sinn Féin continue to poll well with 27%. The Greens are at 6%, while all other parties are at 11%, with independents at 10%.