televisionKid Gloves for Allegations Made Against Broadcaster
Saturday March 06, 2021

Being a poster boy really hits hard when things go wrong. Here is a man who over the last number of years has been rolled out from everything to anxiety to his own victim hood, no questions asked. Article after article across all media brands have given the accused plenty of time and promotion. What is strange is how these same news outlets have treated the current set of allegations. Even here I will write in very general terms.

televisionRTɠNew Season
Friday August 25, 2017

RTɠhave unveiled their plans for the Autumn and Winter months. With returning regulars such as, The Late Late Show, Prime Time and The Ray D'Arcy Show. Newcomers include Acceptable Risk, Nowhere Fast and Ends Meet. Returning for a second season is entertainment show Dancing with the Stars and drama Striking Out.

televisionBAI Complaints 2016
Monday June 19, 2017

The BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) have announced details of their decisions of complaints to Irish Broadcasters from the general public. The BAI did not up hold any complaint in this current round with six complaints rejected by the authority.

televisionThe X Files
Wednesday June 14, 2017

Classic 1990s Horror and Science Fiction Thriller Returns to our screens tonight. The series returns to RTɲ for its latest installment. As a recap, if you did already know, FBI Agents Mulder and Scully are given the task of investigating supernatural phenomena, these are strange unsolved mysteries that have been placed in the X filing cabinet. Muller wants to be a true believer, while Scully is more skeptical of their investigations, and over the course of 10 years both were abducted by Aliens, had sinister government official try to shut them down and even had time to satirist Scientology. And now on the X-Files.

televisionIFTA Television Awards 2015
Friday October 02, 2015

IFTA announced their 23 categories and the nominations for each category. Comedy and Soap have been merged for a number of the categories due possibly to the low number of dramas produced by the industry, however both comedy and soap are given their own categories with Fair City facing off against newcomer Red Rock, though IFTA failed to give a nod to Ros Na Run, which failed to make the cut at this year’s awards. Irish Pictorial Weekly, Moone Boy, Mrs Browns Boys and The Savage Eye are all up for best comedy, with Damo and Ivor getting a nomination the acting categories