rteRTÉ2 Dips Back Below 5%
Tuesday May 11, 2021

RTÉ2 has dipped back below 5% audience share, the boost last month by the royals and sport failed to help them make ground. Overall RTÉ saw 2% decrease month on month and a 8% decrease year on year. As the Six Nations ended on Virgin Media Television its audience also departed in April giving them a monthly drop of 13% but a 16% increase year on year. Overall RTÉ held 26% of the audience, while Virgin Media Television had 19%.

rteOprah, Megan and Harry help RTÉ2 but Audience Share Remains Low
Monday April 26, 2021

Oprah\'s interview with the young British royals achieved the most watched programme on Irish TV with 836,500 viewers tuning into see the couple talk about life after royalty. Along with World Cup Qualifiers it helped RTÉ2 increase its audience share by 33%, however RTÉ2 only achieved a 5% share of the audience across the month. Overall RTÉ saw 3% increase month on month but a 10% decrease year on year. Virgin Media Television\'s coverage of the Six Nations continued in March giving them no monthly change but a 27% increase year on year. Overall RTÉ held 27% of the audience, while Virgin Media Television had 21%.

rte732 Covid Cases Across Ireland
Thursday April 08, 2021

The 7th of April saw a total of 732 new COVID-19 cases across the Island of Ireland. The HSE and the Department of health announced 400. In Northern Ireland 332 cases were report. In total there have been 357,876 COVID cases since the pandemic began in 2020.

rteUnion Votes Down RTÉ Pay Deal
Wednesday April 07, 2021

RTÉ\'s Trade Union Group, TUG, have voted against the agreement struck by RTÉ management and the Union. 87% of union members voted against the agreement, while just 13% voted for the agreement. The TUG have said that they continue to be open to discussion with RTÉ to come to an agreement that they can bring back to their union members. RTÉ have committed to making €20 million of cuts ever year for the next 3 years.

rteSix Nations Boost for Virgin Media TV
Friday March 12, 2021

February\'s Six Nations Kick off has given Virgin Media TV its highest audience share since the Rugby World Cup 2015. Ireland V France had an average audience of 798,400 on Virgin Media One, the most viewed programme of the month. In total Virgin Media TV had a 21% share up 15% from last year and 26% month on month, this figure was last achieved across TV3, 3e and UTV Ireland in October 2015. RTÉ saw a drop of 11% from last year, with a monthly drop of 3%. Overall RTÉ held 26% of the audience.

rteEoghan McDermott will not Return to 2FM
Monday March 08, 2021

RTÉ have confirmed that radio DJ Eoghan McDermott will not be returning to RTÉ. Eoghan McDermott left the broadcaster unexpectedly a number of weeks ago. The statement does not go into detail as to why RTÉ have made this decision, only to say that it is \