Channel 4 Documentary reveals Crucifixion

Dr Gunther von Hagens, celebrity pathologist, is to recreate a crucifixion on Television. Dr Von Hagens has previously caused controversy with Anatomy for Beginners and Autopsy: Life and Death, both of which Channel 4 commissioned and aired.

Channel 4 will air the show this Easter Sunday. Titled Crucifixion, Dr. Von Hagens will re-create a crucifixion. Dr. Von Hagens has been working on this programme for the past six years.

It will also explore the Art of the Crucifixion. Featuring interviews with leading art historians.

Last year Dr. Von Hagens announced his fight with Parkinson's disease, this is an often personal documentary as he works with and suffers from his illness.

Dr. Von Hagens said "What's important to me is that I want to move people's minds and souls, it's a life's work and I'm at a time in my life when I feel called to see this through. The clock is ticking."

The body used for this programme is not real, while it was a 'plastinated' work. This process involves injecting liquid plastic into bones and blood vessels, from a number of donor bodies, which then hardens to create perfect casts. The resulting figure is then mounted on a wooden cross.