Sky and Eurosport to provide 3D Olympic Coverage

Olympic Games in 3D on Eurosport will be available to Sky 3D during the London Games 2012. Eurosport is a pan-European satellite TV service. This will be the first broadcast of the Games in 3D.

More than 100 hours of Games coverage will be provided by Eurosport. Eurosport will provide coverage on Sky 3D, the UK's first 3D TV channel.

Sky 3D currently has 250,000 subscribing homes. All High Definition (HD) will be given access to Sky 3D for the duration of the games. Allowing 4 Million homes to watch on 3D ready TVs.

8 hours of live coverage will be provided with 4 more hours of highlights.

Coverage begins on Sky 3D/Europsort with the opening ceremony and provides coverage of main events in 3D such as the men's 100m final, gymnastics, swimming, basketball and canoeing.

Sky coverage will also provide 48 channels dedicated to the games. Providing comprehensive coverage in SD, HD and 3D.