BBC to Provide 24 Live Streams of Olympic coverage to UK Cable and Satellite customers

The BBC will make 24 HD-quality live Olympic streams available to Cable and Satellite providers. On a non-exclusive basis. This will mean that for the first time millions of viewers across the UK will be able to view the sport of their choice live from a venue of their choice.

This allows viewers to be able to access the same content that will be stream online on their TVs via their EPGs and BBC Red Button.

The BBC announced earlier this year that it would provided simultaneous streams live online during the games. Providing a platform to every Olympic sport.

Non-stop swimming or non-stop judo it is up to the viewer to choose which sport they want to watch.

Roger Mosey, Director, BBC London 2012, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to cable and satellite providers to extend our online service to millions of TV viewers across the UK.

"BBC One and BBC Three will remain the flagship channels for the Olympics. But, as the London 2012 Olympic Games will be the first truly ‘Digital Games’, we wanted to offer an unprecedented amount of live sporting action to the widest possible audience through these 24 live streams, giving vastly more choice than ever before.”

Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director of Sky’s Sales and Marketing Group, said: "The London Olympics is a huge event in 2012 and one that we are all looking forward to here at Sky. We believe that the best way to watch the Olympics is in glorious HD as it offers viewers the best possible viewing experience and, supported by Sky+, the flexibility of watching the action at a time that suits our customers. We’re delighted that every single Sky home will have the opportunity to enjoy unprecedented coverage of the biggest UK sporting event in a generation."